Who writes the books?

Valerie Goldsilk is English and has lived in Hong Kong for over thirty years. She is now retired but used to run her own business, traveling frequently around Asia working with factories. Her better half is a former Hong Kong police inspector.

Julian Stagg is a British investment banker who, after a thirty-year career as an adviser, entrepreneur and investor, can still be found plying his trade in the City of London.

Julian McAlistair is the pseudonym of a successful thriller author who is based in Thailand and provides support and industry guidance.

Roger Plant heads up Research and Copy Editing. He is an eagle-eyed expert that left Mensa because they just weren’t clever enough for him. He will find that errant typo or that incorrect reference to a brand of alcohol or a rifle’s muzzle velocity.

Thaumasios Publishing is delighted to announce it’s latest team contributor.


Would you like to join our writing cooperative? Do you have a series of novels in you?

Are you passionate about words and rearranging them into pleasing patterns for profit? Have you lived or travelled in Asia and experienced it’s glamourous settings?

Would you like to comment on or critique a story?

Do you have a general question?

If the answer to any of the above is “yes then you can get in touch with us at [email protected]

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Who is Bill Jedburgh?

A former inspector in the Royal Hong Kong Police Force’s Special Duties Unit (SDU) and the VIP Protection Team (G4) he is now a professional assassin known in the trade as ‘The Reliable Man’ who kills people for money.

He is an expert shot at long-distance with a range of sniper rifles and, while still in the British Army’s Intelligence Corps, won the Conan Doyle Trophy at Bisley.

When it comes to handguns, he prefers Glocks but is happy to use Sig Sauers, Colt or Smith & Wesson revolvers when the job calls for it.

Since arriving in Asia in his early twenties, he has practiced the traditional form of Wing Chun Kung Fu, the style that Bruce Lee learnt from Ip Man, although he often encounters and practices other martial arts styles.

When he’s not working, he enjoys hanging out with his mates, sipping beers on the veranda of his beach-front home in Thailand and reminiscing about the good old days in the Force.

He is a passionate scuba diver and travels the world to explore wrecks, caves and fast drift dives.

His only weakness is a fondness for the ladies…

From close friends to fellow ex-RHKP officers, these are the men who appear in more than one story.

Meet Brigadier Wee, and Larry Lim, who work for Singapore’s Security and Intelligence Division (SID) as well as fellow expat Brits like Theo Scrimple and Julian McAlistair.

Find out more about those with whom The Reliable Man hangs out.

His profession does not lend itself to having a stable, committed relationship with any one woman.

There was a girl once… but she died.

Here are the other feisty, capable young ladies who have caught The Reliable Man’s eye as he goes about his work.

Some of them become his lovers, some of them his friends and a few of them are just plain trouble.

Scrimple is one of life’s losers. Originally from the North-West of England he was briefly a police constable before joining the Royal Hong Kong Police in the mid-80s.

He is overweight, wears thick glasses and is rarely successful with the ladies. He is unfit and uninspiring. His friends laugh at him and his bosses are frustrated by him.

But somehow he always manages to muddle through in the end, usually with some help from the professional killer they call The Reliable Man.

Alan Staunton retired early from MI6. He’s bitter and cynical and has been ever since a mysterious killer called the White Bishop murdered his wife twenty-five years earlier.

He’s a handsome devil who, despite being in his early fifties, has kept himself fit. He’s a dab hand with the Glock pistol and can hold his own in a fight. He doesn’t suffer fools gladly and isn’t afraid to speak his mind. 

Joining our expanding anthology of authors, we are delighted to welcome Ben Kennedy to the Thaumasios family whose novels featuring Sam Steadings have already proved to be instant hits with readers.

These tense thrillers take the reader back to the years when Hong Kong authorities were stretched to the limit by the arrival of hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese ‘boat people’ and it fell to the police to maintain law and order in hostile and violent detention centres.

These thrillers are what used to be called ‘Women in Jeopardy’ stories but can also be classed as ‘Romantic Intrigue’. The protagonist is a single woman, living in or traveling to Asia, who is successful at her job: strong, feisty, hard-working but frustrated that all the attractive men she meets are only interested in pursuing Oriental women.  

At the beginning of each book, the heroine is confronted with a problem or a mystery that she has to resolve which then throws her into a whirlpool of danger and disaster. There might be one or more men who appear to be the cause of the problems and, as much as she fears or even hates them, she also finds herself attracted to these characters. 

New Asian Thrillers, set in the locale, and general time period of our main ranges, but with stand-alone characters and situations