From scuba diving action to intrigue created by corrupt government officials, each book in the series presents a unique challenge for the lead character to overcome, whilst interacting with a male supporting character who may not always be what they seem.

Denby LaRouche is a bright, athletic lawyer who works as the in-house counsel for an old-style Hong Kong trading firm.

Although she loves the challenges of her job and doesn’t miss what she left behind in London, her love life in the bustling harbour metropolis has been a disappointment so far.

Most of the attractive Western men are busy pursuing big money and the doe-eyed Oriental girls.

So when she meets the charming Randolph Cheng she has no expectations and tries to banish him from her thoughts. But this is harder than she thinks. As she applies her legal skills and female intuition to a looming crisis in the office, suspicion repeatedly falls on the mysterious Eurasian.

After dumping her boorish boyfriend, Madeleine LeMesurier takes a break from her job at a Hong Kong-based detective agency and signs up for a scuba diving holiday in Thailand.

Despite the presence of hunky Australian investment banker Robert Maine on the dive boat, the vacation turns out far from idyllic when a series of strange accidents, a missing diver, and a baffling death occur.

It seems not everyone on the boat is who they claim to be.

When Emma Longford comes back home to Hong Kong, the last thing she wants to do is get involved with her family’s furniture business.

But when the company that was founded by her grandfather is threatened by corrupt government officials, dangerous competitors and a suspicious fire she is forced to step up and help her father.

As she battles to save her family’s business it becomes obvious that not all the people that surround her can be trusted. Can Emma save the firm and the livelihood of all their employees?

Jackie Morgan is the manager of a Hong Kong based Sourcing Office.

When her boss comes into town and tells her she might lose her job because the company needs to cut costs, Jackie blames it on the arrogant Anthony Ryde whom she suspects of trying to steal her customers.

But having witnessed a terrible crime, her comfortable expat existence is turned upside down and it seems she has little choice but to ask Anthony for his help.

The Whiskey Creek Press version of this novel is currently available in an alternate jacket as a Kindle Format ebook on Amazon

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