It’s 1987 and in ten years’ time Britain will hand back the Crown Colony of Hong Kong to China. Detective-Inspector Scrimple hasn’t solved a crime in years, his bosses hate him, his friends laugh at him and he hasn’t had a real girlfriend since he left England to join the Royal Hong Kong Police.

But all of that is about to change.

When the dead body of a prominent expatriate is found in a garbage room and Scrimple is sent to investigate, his boring, mediocre life is turned upside down as he gets involved with a gorgeous nightclub hostess, incurs the wrath of a powerful Triad boss and is finally betrayed by his colleagues.

The Whiskey Creek Press version of this novel is currently available in an alternate jacket as a Kindle Format ebook on Amazon

In London, Jim Beauregard, a young manager at an import trading firm is having problems with shipments coming from mainland Chinese factories.

In Hong Kong, Theo Scrimple, a washed-up expatriate police inspector, is alerted to a murder plot by a bar-girl who then turns up dead.

Although it’s not his case, he tries to investigate. Inadvertently the two protagonists begin unravelling an ambitious conspiracy of Chinese businessmen and generals that could change the entire political map of Asia.

The Whiskey Creek Press version of this novel is currently available in an alternate jacket as a Kindle Format ebook on Amazon

Scrimple, a former Hong Kong police inspector, is enjoying his job running the Bangkok office of an English trading firm. Until the day his old boss, Assistant Commissioner Bottle, turns up asking for a favour. Reluctantly Scrimple agrees.

All he has to do is buy an apartment for a girl whom he assumes is Bottle’s Thai mistress. Bottle even hands him a briefcase full of cash. But when Scrimple goes to view the apartment, he finds a dead body. And soon he is being framed not only for this murder, but four more.

The more he ducks, dives and runs, the worse things get for him, until he can think of only one solution. He has to ask for help from a man who scares him more than anyone he has ever met in his life: another former Hong Kong policeman—the Perfect Killer.

The Whiskey Creek Press version of this novel is currently available in an alternate jacket as a Kindle Format ebook on Amazon

Scrimple gets involved in the Hong Kong democracy protests.

Back in Yorkshire, former Hong Kong Police Inspector Scrimple is at a loose end after his mother’s funeral and having recently lost his job in Thailand. A mysterious meeting results in a job offer to go back to Hong Kong and to work for a wealthy American who is financing the democracy protesters.

But when Scrimple arrives in Hong Kong it is not long before he bumps into his old nemesis, the Triad boss William. Very soon Scrimple is in the middle of death and violence and he is running for cover.

Will his old mates from the police force be able to help him or does he have to ask for assistance from Kat Pedder, the MI5 operative who has been shadowing him in her quest to find the mysterious Reliable Man?

Kat Pedder of MI5 is sent to Cambridge to investigate the violent deaths of several Hong Kong students with links to the democracy movement. Could it be the work of a mysterious Chinese military intelligence hit squad?

Former Hong Kong Police Inspector Scrimple has changed his name, lost weight, grown a beard and is working as a diving instructor in Thailand until he is confronted with an old secret that goes back to his days as a young copper. He decides to return to England to find out more.

As more students die, Kat Pedder and Scrimple meet again. And this time they will both need the help of The Reliable Man to get themselves out of this mess.

Ex-Hong Kong Police Inspector Scrimple has got himself a cushy number. He is running an MI5 safe house along with his girlfriend, the luscious Filipina Esmeralda. All he has to do is make sure the sheets are clean, the coffee is hot and the sandwiches are on time. What could possibly go wrong?

Guo Shu Ping is the billionaire owner of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world specialising in generic drugs. He has a weakness for tall, skinny Shanghainese models. When he meets Jing Jing at his son’s exclusive Berkshire boarding school he thinks all of his birthdays have come at once.

But both Scrimple and Mr. Guo don’t know that they are about to be trapped in a tangled web being woven by Colonel Wendy Shen of Chinese Military Intelligence.

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